Weather Policy

It is a fact of life that bad weather often does not hit the region in a uniform way, with snow/ice in some places and much less in others. Since ISP’s customers come from many different locations, it is possible that Team A has bad weather and Team B who they are playing has no real weather issues.

Absent an issue which definitively impacts all (which is the case if the weather proximate to ISP creates significant safety concerns once everyone gets close to the facility) the decision as to whether the weather impacts attending a program is often a choice for the participants, not ISP.

In short, the weather for some is often not the weather for all.

Closing ISP when the weather circumstances vary widely would preclude teams with little to no weather impacts from playing their games or utilizing ISP, thereby causing upset for those participants. Since games and rental space cannot readily be made-up since the facility is fully committed throughout the winter, ISP certainly does not want to deprive athletes of the opportunity to enjoy their time at the facility.

While there are instances when weather throughout the region clearly dictates closing the facility, given the above for the most part ISP remains open and leaves it to participants to determine if they can/will attend.

ISP simply asks that if your group is unable to play that we are contacted by a team organizer as early as possible so that we can be courteous to your opponent and provide timely notice of the status involving your game or rental space. By providing timely notice you will be extending the same courtesy that you would hope to receive in the event that your team plans to attend but the team you are playing is cancelling.

ISP aims to please, but making everyone happy is often an impossibility. Closing upsets people who want to travel and play, while staying open seems to upset others. It is understandable that each person views the situation from their own point of view.

The purpose of this email is to explain the bigger picture that ISP has to balance. We hope you enjoy your time at ISP and value your loyalty and participation.

All information as to delayed openings or closing the facility shall be posted on the ISP website at

The ISP Team