Contract Rules

ISP Field Contract and Walk-In Practice Session Rules

  • Contract time is to be used for training purposes only! No scrimmages with outside teams, etc. are permitted unless part of the contract.

  • Only players listed on the roster will be permitted to participate.

  • During contracted or walk-in “Practice Times” the fields are not contracted for purposes of games between different groups of people each week. This type of activity is reserved for facility run or sanctioned tournaments or leagues.

  • Changes to the roster may not exceed the maximum roster list during the contracted period as set for in paragraph I below.

  • Only the contracting person may make changes to the roster and must do so PRIOR to arriving.

  • Only players listed on the roster and listed coaches (Maximum of 3 (three) per field) are allowed in the field area during the sessions. People wishing to spectate may only do so from the lounge area and must abide by all facility/lounge rules!

  • All facility and sport specific rules must be abided by at all times, paying particular attention to the NO SPITTING / NO GUM CHEWING rules.

  • Although contracts may specify a designated field, this is done for ease of scheduling only! The facility reserves the right to change field locations at any point in order to maintain the most efficient operations/transitions. The front desk will direct you to your designated field each session.

  • No more than the following maximum number of players may be part of any contract group renting space at ISP. Full field 70 players; One Half field 35 players; One Third field 22 players; One Quarter field 15 players.